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Myakudachi Quitting Drugs series: Devilman characters: Akira, Ryou artist/circle: Leg rating: G links: MF Notes: It’s like there could have been sex in this, but.

Light loved L. Truly loved him. After he got out of his confinement since Kira started killing again, he’d been taken with the scruffy-haired detective. Light knew he’d always had weird taste in lovers, and this time was no exception. L was just about as weird as they came. Light didn’t consider himself gay. He thought that if the right person came along, then they would come, whether they be male or female.

~ romance ~

Inactive DN blogs are not moved to the graveyard unlike RP blogs. This is with user-oriented navigation in mind – an inactive RP Blog no longer serves the same purpose, someone looking for an RP blog is typically looking to interact. DN content blogs can serve the same purpose even when inactive because they offer content not interaction.

Read Dating The Shinigami from the story Dating Death Note Characters by HotMello (Hot Mello) You go on your first date the next day, to an apple orchard​.

The main idea of Lolicon Market first started as a short lived novel created by LoliconMan, but once I discovered Twine I decided its format would be better suited to tell the story. You play as Yourself in a world where ten years ago, your parents adopted a younger sister and left you alone to care for her while you were forgotten by the world. As the years went on, you discovered lolicon anime and it forever changed your view of the world and later your sisters.

Fast forward nine years and your parents return again to ruin your life by forcing you to pay rent or they will kick you and your sister out of the house! On your journey, you can meet over 10 dateable character and depending on what you say or how you treat them, changes will happen to not only them but the story as well.

Mechanics: Simple! All you have to do is READ each passage and make choices based on the options given. Please note this game is a Lolicon Game. In English, You are dating and trying to have sex with Little Girls.

Lonely Snow: Death Note Fanbook Doujinshi Fanfiction Fanart

Hey there everyone! Sorry for the wait, but we now have dates and prompts for DaiSuga Week ! Thank you so much to all the people who submitted prompt suggestions, I had so many great ideas to choose from. It was hard to narrow it down! The week begins on Sunday, September 20th, and runs until Saturday, September 26th.

All content is accepted, whether it be fanfiction, fanart, cosplay, video, audio, gifs, headcanons, etc.!

Learning About Storytelling From Anime and Manga, Part Two: Romance write a romance story this time of the year, so in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, From the very beginning, Light uses the Death Note and made plans without a beer belly who’s dating a skinny year-old Harvard graduate, you’d.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: Mani Seppe – Stories: 54 – Followers: 0 – id: L made him feel. A Forgotten Encounter by Allen Skylark reviews Light is faced with his first murder case at age nine after meeting a strange, hooded teenager in Harajuku. Dupin becomes the one special thing in his childhood, long forgotten. This is L and Light’s true first meeting, but they will never know it.

Why, it’s obvious! A humorous drabble with a twist. Dream a little dream of me by Vashtijoy reviews Light has a nightmare about his future.

Who wrote the ‘Death Note’ script?

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Anonymous said: “with the exception of doujin scans/translations. Saturday 13th April: Day Six – Dating (i.e. blind dates, first dates, etc.) Please be aware the dates have been updated! mod post · 30 notes. Open in app your work- i.e. common triggers (i.e. graphic depictions of violence, death, dubcon/noncon, self-​harm.

I think about a Death Note dating sim every day of my entire life, though my thoughts are usually non-Kira AU crack thoughts more in the spirit of traditional stat-raising sims like Tokimeki Memorial rather than VN-style story-heavy dating games like Dramatical Murder and what have you. I guess you can adapt my idea into something more serious though. Homicide would be more for a serious and darker VN. Light Yagami The main route of the game, thus the character you meet first.

Also a junior detective, your assigned partner at the precinct. A princely and athletic type who impresses at everything he tries. Prove yourself to him with work competence and earn the approval of his little sister! Those are key points to getting his ending. He and Light clash a lot over investigation methods. Misa Amane An idol working at a movie set that turned into a crime-scene. She immediately takes a liking to Light and thus continues to show up to your investigations uninvited.

To route Misa, you have to actively go out of your way to be protective of her and play the part of a perfect prince yourself. Some of her CG events involve her dramatic backstory and since this is a dating sim, her route will probably end up dealing with her difficulties letting people in after losing her family so brutally.

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Travel thru cities, earn the respect of local stunners, and add them to your vast list of hot conquests. Oil tycoon or a sport club possessor? Relive your desire of becoming a serious businessman, upgrade knock and your infant the horniest stunners in the filthiest of positions. Filthy nurses, sex-crazed instructos secretaries and anime chicks will please even the most experienced manga porn paramour.

Prove them is your orgy gangster!

Explore the death note fanfiction collection – the favourite images chosen by He​’d been working overtime for the past few days as there was so much paperwork to take c Dating an American Psycho [2p! Death Note Doujinshi Page

And so we end Shin Soukoku Week ! Our mod made a handy dandy spreadsheet of all the people who participated here. Atsushi takes a well-deserved nap after a restless night made of nightmares with Ryuu, who hums a sweet lullaby to help him rest well. Little did he know or did he, really? I really, really wanted to partecipate to the sskk week so i thought there was no better reason to man up and start posting my art! And now we end the week!

But wait. Shin Soukoku Week is still not over? No, we are holding an extension! We will be happy to receive more entries. He ties his mask behind his head, red ribbons falling over his hair, matching the color of the barrette holding it in a small ponytail. The car slows to a stop, and Ryuu glances outside, beyond the black fox mask circling his eyes and covering his cheeks. He looks back to Atsushi then, quickly straightening out the lapels of his suit as the driver steps outside.

Death Note Doujinshi “Pianissimo” (LightxL) Español