More than 20 million people have taken the Alpha Course, even the new Archbishop of Canterbury. So why are the alpha Alphas so keen to distance themselves from the flashy hedge-funders and DB7-driving devotees who helped the church on its way up? The leaders of the Alpha Course are angry. The terrifyingly successful evangelical Christian movement that sprang out of an unremarkable church near Harrods has been in the spotlight over the past few weeks. The new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, got hooked on Alpha 30 years ago as a way of coming to terms with the death of his seven-month-old daughter in a car accident. Partly as a result of his own rather unconventional background — at least for an archbishop — the world has been turning its attention to the global phenomenon that is the Alpha Course and particularly the glittering jewel at its heart: HTB.

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Single Minded by Kate Wharton. Single-Minded: Being single, whole and living life to the full by Kate Wharton. This was the first ever book I read on the topic of singleness and it opened my eyes to a whole community of people in my position. This book is a must-read if you feel like the odd one out in your church. Wharton speaks out against churches that deem marriage as the best way of life and offers a valid alternative of singleness. Not everything she talks about may relate to your situation but her positive outlook on singleness is definitely contagious.

Love at first swipe. Aukelien Van Abbema always speaks and writes with humour, honesty and positivity about singleness and dating. Her wise, practical advice has been invaluable to me over the years and although some of it may seem simple, it is in fact revolutionary and counter cultural when put into practise.

Holy Trinity Brompton, the evangelical HQ that claims the new primate as one of its own

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Dear member of Holy Trinity Brompton, Welcome to the first official survey of HTB’s dating culture! This survey is for you if 1. You are a member of HTB (​attend.

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Speed dating is a great way to meet like-minded singles. Dating success is guaranteed! New Islington Green Manchester.

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Waiting For The One? What I learned On HTB’s Dating Course

But this is no soiree. We are agnostics. He is over there, welcoming agnostics; he’s good-looking, tall and slim. It sounds impossible but Gumbel’s course, consisting of 10 Wednesday evenings, routinely transforms hardened unbelievers, the entrenched faithless, into confirmed Christians. There will be after-dinner talks from Gumbel, a minister at Holy Trinity as well as head of Alpha, and then we will split into small groups to discuss the meaning of life, etc.

There will be a weekend away in Kidderminster.

The leaders of the Alpha Course are angry. phenomenon that is the Alpha Course and particularly the glittering jewel at its heart: HTB. (One former member I spoke to described Alpha as ‘a dating service for poshos’.).

This survey is for you if… 1. You are a member of HTB attend at least once every month 2. You are not currently married or engaged 3. You are between the ages of HTB wants to hear from you, and over the next couple of pages you will have the opportunity to share some of your thoughts and experiences on Christian dating. Working with Sociology masters student Samuel Verbi, our aim is to objectively understand HTB dating culture: where are we succeeding; and where do we need to focus on improving.

Only through your honest and anonymous feedback can we truly get to the core of the issues facing HTB singles. Is it anonymous? The majority of answers will be aggregated into larger statistics and trends. Towards the end of the survey however you will have the chance to disclose your email and allow a possible follow up interview. This would be a great opportunity to provide extra feedback and insight surrounding your experiences. How long will it take? This questionnaire will take approximately minutes to properly complete.

There are a total of 30 questions that fall into four distinct sections.

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What makes an Alpha male? They may not all clap happily and speak in tongues, but they are all part of an evangelical tide; a global Anglican phenomenon. It’s tempting to see it as the wisp of suspicion that, rightly or wrongly, lingers over Britain’s most powerful evangelical church. This is the birthplace of Alpha, the “informal, friendly and fun” course now practised in countries, which numbers the new Archbishop of Canterbury among its recruits. Ten days ago, Justin Welby was enthroned as leader of the Church of England.

Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) is one of the largest Churches in the UK. Under the HTB umbrella are various initiatives such as the Alpha course.

Adults: Christian dating and Relationships. Some churches very occasionally teach about singleness, and they sometimes teach about marriage, but they almost never teach the practicalities about how to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in a godly way. We need to create a healthy dating culture in the church if we’re going to help make Christian marriage possible, and the resources below show practical steps that churches and individuals can take to help do this. Terminology in the UK is a bit different to the US!

Usually for UK Christian adults:. How to get a date worth keeping Dr Henry Cloud, Comprehensive and indepth book addressing emotional, spiritual and practical issues in dating. Essential reading. Full of really helpful insights, stories and strategies that will improve your dating life. Short introduction and interview with Aukelien van Abbema.

Nicky’s 5 Reasons: No.4 Dating Course