The Homophone codes were first written up by Peter Hulpusch. Unfortunately for us, very few 78 records carry dates to indicate when they were recorded, plated or pressed. But the German Homophon Company was a notable exception. Indeed, between about and , their discs actually carry two dates: as it were, a gift to future Discographers. It would be very nice if one of them was the actual recording date of the performance; but alas, there is an increasing consensus that this is not the case. If so, then what do the dates signify? Here is a typical early Homophone as sold in Britain — and doubtless in other countries as well as Germany, each with suitable repertoire. At the top we find


They all date from before and are stored in albums. Some of these albums represent collections put together by the owner, whilst others are as bought, e. Mozart Symphonies. They are mainly Columbia and HMV records, purchased, we think, during the although some date back to the mid s. They have been stored, for at least 30 years, and potentially since they were bought, on shelves against a north facing wall, that has over the past few years suffered badly from damp.

Dating 78 RPM recordings. Print sources. Daniels, William R. The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide, Westport, Conn.

Search our index for information on classical and popular 78rpm recordings from HMV, RCA, Victor, Brunswick and Columbia as well as other record companies from the 78rpm era…. See our blog for the latest additions, changes and developments regarding this major project. Do you have a discography you’d like to add to this free, research project? Contact us. The following reference materials were researched for the preparation of this index:.

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Is 78 the new 33 1/3?

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From: Elizabeth Dunford Date: Friday, April 1, I work at a historic house where there is a small but significant collection of

Frequently Asked Questions. Please note that the information presented here specifically concerns vintage 78rpm and cylinder recordings. We do not deal in 45s, LPs, tapes or CDs, nor do we offer advice on these formats. What is a vintage record? How do I clean my records? How do I store my records? How do I play my records? What are my records worth? How do I dispose of records I do not want? How can I transfer my vintage records to tape or CD? Where can I get needles, sleeves and other accessories?

What happens to auction records that do not sell? Where can I learn more?

78 rpm Discography

By continuing to use the forum you conform your acceptance of these. If you are not happy to accept these you must stop using the forum and delete our cookies from your browser. Re: year old 78RPM record. I only started collecting 78 records a little over 3 years ago, after buying an old wind-up Columbia gramophone at a car boot sale.

Naturally I wanted some more records to play on it.

Soon, however, fewer and fewer people will remember the age of the 78rpm record, the preferred vehicle for the music of the early 20th century.

Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see. Columbia is an important player in the history of recorded music, having been in the business of making phonographs and records since Because of patents held by both Columbia and Victor during the first few decades of the 20th century, they held a virtual duopoly over recorded music.

My goal here isn’t to give you the full history of Columbia. I defer you to other published works. Nor is this website a complete listing of labels produced by Columbia. These are only the labels in my own collection. To start, the first label is the Climax label.

Collecting rare ‘antique’ 78 rpm records becomes a new status symbol in Bombay

In , RCA changed it’s system slightly so that the first letter alone represented the year. The following chart shows the dating pressings from to. Notice records the system skips any letter machine could be easily confused with a number. In the list above, the letters:. I, O, Q, V and Y are skipped. A typical RCA matrix number contains eight digits of letters and numbers.

M4M 2\^ 2 INTRODUCTIOIN From until , 78 rpm records were manufactured in quantities which re^iched tens and even hundreds of millions yearlj.

General Dating 78 RPM recordings: print online Catalogs by: company name: print online genre, medium of performance, etc. Discography of American historical recordings. Daniels, William R. The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide, Westport, Conn. HSR ML Gart, Galen.

What to do with Vintage Hawaii 78 RMP Records?

This is the page to start with if you are looking for some general information concerning value, age or identification of your records, sheet music or phonographs. It’s also a good place for beginning collectors to get some ideas about the hobby. We have included the questions we are asked most often, and have provided fairly detailed responses. This is almost impossible to answer without seeing the records in person.

Factors such as condition, edition, and even certain variations in the label design can greatly affect the value of any record.

era of the 78s. See more ideas about Lp albums, 78 rpm records, Music history. Blog Archive» FIRST VICTROLA SOLD ON THIS DATE IN The Victor.

Life is a kick. We leave this world just as we came into it: helpless and unable to eat solid foods. For me it was about 50 or so. Just more aches and pains. My diagnosis at 57 with Lewy body dementia put the aging process in the fast lane. Now 60, I say all this to tell you about my new interest RPM records. Talk about regressive.

Discographical sources for 78 RPM recordings

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When they first introduced, 78s could play a maximum of about 3 minutes on only one side. This is one way you can date 78 records, as the earlier ones are only.

Moran personally determined what he believed to be the proper playing speeds for these recordings and added them to EDVR entries. The question of correct playing speeds for “78 rpm” recordings has been a vexatious one for many years. No written record appears to have been maintained in the early recording studios of the turntable speeds when a recording was made. A deviation in speed of 4 rpm revolutions per minute changes the pitch and thus the key by one half tone. Not only is the pitch incorrect when a record is played at a speed at which it was not recorded, but even more important, the tone quality of the sound is distorted.

Thus it is extremely important to play these old recordings at a turntable speed as close as possible to that used when the original was made. Obviously this is more important when dealing with vocal records than instrumental. This speed problem was recognized from the earliest days. A few of the early recordings had a separate track whereon the note of a pitch pipe was recorded.

What a shame this practice was not continued! The Melba recordings carried a note on the labels as issued both in Europe and America of the key in which the selection was sung.

Japanese 78 record